Marikina Wins Praises for Disaster Preparedness, Orderly Evacuation Centers

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The Local Government of Marikina under the leadership of Mayor Marcy Teodoro won praises for its disaster preparedness and its orderly evacuation centers, where the privacy of those who sought temporary shelter was protected with the use of modular tents.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in its editorial yesterday, August 16, titled “Learning from Marikina,” the newspaper cited the use of solar-powered closed-circuit television cameras on its major bridges that enabled the Local Government to monitor the level of water at the Marikina River, allowing them to take actions including forcing residents in low-lying areas and near the river to leave their homes and transfer to evacuation centers that were set up immediately at various schools and gyms.

“This early warning system was put to test last Saturday when the Marikina River swelled to 20 meters high, only 3 meters shy of the level recorded during Ondoy,” the editorial said.

“But, this time, officials said residents have become more alert and responsive to evacuation advisories, and while there was a shortage in rescue boats and some people were left stranded, the city eventually reported only one casualty – a 36-year-old man who drowned while trying to save his motorcycle from this apartment,” it said.

The editorial also cited the use of modular tents in evacuation centers, particularly the absence of the name of Mayor Marcy or any other local government official in these tents. Apart from the newspaper, netizens on social media have praised Marikina’s use of modular tents and its orderly evacuation centers, thanks to Mayor Marcy.

No Politicking, Only Genuine Public Service

“Its modular tents were not only designed to provide a measure of privacy and dignity to evacuees; more remarkably, they did not bear the names and faces of politicians or government officials but were simply marked with the name of the city government, so unlike what the public has come to see in other government projects,” the editorial said.

Indeed, it has been the mark of Mayor Marcy’s leadership that any government project in Marikina -- whether its to construct new roads, bridges, school buildings, multi-purpose halls, health centers, transport terminals – does not bear his name or any other official of the city government. Instead, it just said “Project of Marikina City” because according to Mayor, it is not his money that is being used to build these projects but that of the City Government, which, he would always stress, comes from taxes collected from Marikina citizens and businesses located within the city.

According to the editorial, "other LGUs and even the national government should take a look at the Marikina model – and get it in their heads that giant tarpaulins and cheap politicking are not what’s needed to impress the public and show that their taxes are working for them."

“Only efficient, emphatic and responsive public service will do,” the editorial ended.

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