Businesses Have Until January 21 to Renew Permits to Avoid Penalties

PIO Department


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Business establishments in Marikina City have until next Monday, January 21, to renew their licenses and pay their business taxes to avoid incurring penalties and surcharges, according to the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO).

“This is the period for renewal of business permits and licenses. From January 1 to 20 is the period for renewal of business permits and licenses without incurring penalties and surcharges. Since January 20 falls on a Sunday, the last day will be on January 21,” said Atty. Nancy Teylan, head of BPLO Marikina.

Business permits in the Philippines are valid for a year. They must be renewed within the first 20 days of the following year.

Since the BPLO has shortened the steps and made it easier for business establishments to renew their permits and pay their business taxes, businessmen and entrepreneurs can get their new licenses and permits within 15 minutes as long as they fully complied with the requirements set by the City Government.

Ease of Doing Business

Among the measures undertaken by the BPLO to make it easier to renew business permits and licenses include incorporating the payment of the barangay clearance into the business permits.

“We have complied with the mandate of RA (Republic Act) 11032, the Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018. We have incorporated the collection of the barangay clearance with the business permit. Kasama na sa billing ang barangay clearance,” Atty. Teylan said in an interview inside her office.

“Kapag meron ka lahat ng requirements namin, in 15 minutes you can renew your business permits. Tumatagal lang kung ang taxpayer kinu-contest ang assessment on how much business taxes they have to pay,” she said.

The City Government of Marikina will also be issuing new business plates this year with a new design, Atty. Teylan said.

“This year, we are changing the business plate because Mayor Marcy Teodoro suggested a new design. We will distribute them to taxpayers once they are ready,” she said.

For more information about renewing business permits and licenses, please call the BPLO at  (02) 646-2354 or drop by its office the ground floor of the Marikina City Hall. You can also check on this link:

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