CEMO's Gelson Rili is Semi-finalist in the “Dangal ng Bayan” Award

PIO Department


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Gelson Rili, who works as a street sweeper for the City Environmental Management Office (CEMO), is one of the 17 semi-finalists in the “Dangal ng Bayan” Award of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for 2018.

Gelson, who won the “Model Employee” award of the Marikina City Hall in 2017 in the non-supervisory category, was nominated for the “Dangal ng Bayan” Award in April this year in recognition of his loyalty and hard work to serve the people of Marikina.

The 55-year old Gelson was originally from Camarines Sur. He finished only Grade 6 because of poverty, which forced him to search for a better life in Manila. His search ended up in Marikina in 1991, where worked different jobs – security guard, construction worker, carpenter, garbage collector -- before he was hired a laborer in June 2003 by CEMO.

Gelson rarely takes a day off. He works Monday to Sunday, even during holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Holy Week, he said.

During the typhoon Ondoy in 2009, which hit Marikina very hard, he helped save the lives of around 50 of his co-residents in Brgy. Dona Petra in Marikina.

According to the CSC, the “Dangal ng Bayan” Award “is given to an individual for performance of an extraordinary act or public service and consistent demonstration of extremely ethical behavior in observance of eight norms of conduct provided under Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.”

The CSC will announce the winner in the coming weeks.

From Mayor Marcy Teodoro and all of us working at the Marikina City Hall, good luck and congratulations, Gelson! You make us all proud.

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