Founder and CEO of SeeYouDoc, a Marikina Startup, Attends Biggest Ever Fintech Event in Singapore

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by Noel Del Castillo

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Noel del Castillo, founder and CEO of Marikina-based tech startup SeeYouDoc and Pragtechnologies, attended the UnionBank GlobalLinker event held in Singapore on November 13 to 16.

Noel was one of the 25 business owners of small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) chosen to head off to Singapore to attend two major events – Singapore Fintech Festival and the GlobalLinker TradeConnect. He represented SeeYouDoc, a medical startup developed and incubated by Pragtechnologies, in the all-expenses-paid trip.

“It was an opportunity for me to network with business minded people with the intention of gaining potential partners, customers, advisers, and investors for SeeYouDoc. But apart from that, I'm also keen to be part of UnionBank's community of entrepreneurs since I admire their drive of pushing innovations in the Fintech industry and helping Filipino SMEs,” Noel wrote in his blog posted on SeeYouDoc.


While in Singapore, Noel had a chance to meet and network with a number of influential people in the Fintech, banking and SME circles. He was also inspired by a number of speakers, notably India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Market Dominance

Upon arrival in Singapore, he was lucky to meet and have a brief talk with Union Bank CEO and President Edwin Bautista at the Union Bank booth inside the Fintech Festival held at the Singapore Expo.

“I got his (Mr. Bautista’s) attention when I mentioned that SeeYouDoc is on a mission to improve the healthcare industry of the Philippines. From there I explained what we have accomplished so far and how we are executing our strategy on bootstrap funding. Then he asked me, ‘what's your ultimate goal?’ I answered: ‘To dominate the Philippine market then go global.’ Afterwards, we exchanged business cards and planned for our next meeting to pitch SeeYouDoc,” Noel wrote about his chance meeting with the Union Bank CEO and President.

On the same day, he also had a chance meeting with the digital innovation team of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The team is responsible for spearheading the digital innovation of the Manila-based regional lender.

“I met them when we at SeeYouDoc joined the ADB's UltraHack hackathon event last September of this year where we won as a finalist for both Health and Digital ID challenges. I was lucky to meet them again at the event. I took advantage of this meeting and got their contact details, hoping to meet them within the week in Singapore,” the young CEO wrote.

“My agenda was to get any opportunity of collaboration between ADB and Pragtechnologies,” he added.

Not one to waste his time, Noel then proceeded to the booth of Hyperledger - a company that provides a blockchain solution backed by Linux Foundation.

“I met them last year when we won the Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon. I was happy to see a lot of people using Hyperledger in various use cases. I learned some architecture techniques in the booth. I even got a T-shirt for participating in the on-site lectures,” Noel wrote about his visit to the Hyperledger booth.

Emptying Pockets of Investors

On his second day, Noel listened to a number of speakers at the TradeConnect and was impressed at how top executives dressed casually – in T-shirts and jeans – even during their talks before thousands of participants.

"It's rare to see top executives wearing casual attires, just shirts and jeans, during a talk. This proves how humble they are as leaders and how serious they are in embracing the startup culture. It's inspiring to see them dress casually despite their positions in their companies," he wrote in his blog.

The speech of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong impression on the young tech entrepreneur.

“The candid message that got stuck in my head in his (PM Modi’s) speech was: ‘If you want to empty the pockets of your investors, tell them you are using blockchain’,” Noel wrote.

Later in the day, Noel met fellow delegates from India and Singapore.

“This was one of the best parts of my day because we got the chance to finally meet our fellow delegates from India and Singapore. We got to know in detail their names and their businesses that helped all of us to network better,” Noel said in his blog.

“I got to know a lot of fellow entrepreneurs who were interested in SeeYouDoc. One of them was Akriti Garg, a delegate from India, who had worked with companies with a similar background to SeeYouDoc. Ms. Garg approached me and offered her advice for future product validation,” Noel added.

On the whole TradeConnect event, Noel wrote: "TradeConnect's aim of connecting different entrepreneurs and making a global community of entrepreneurs is a success as far as I am concerned. It made a huge impact in getting to know people personally so we can all build a global community."

Humbling Experience

Day three saw Noel interviewed by noted journalist Roel Landingin, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Philippines, and Jessica Fenol of ABS-CBN News. He talked about the story of SeeYouDoc.

“It was a humbling experience for me to tell my story and our future plans for SeeYouDoc,” he said about the interview with the media delegates from Manila.

Overall, Noel described the trip as a “success.”

“I was able to get potential partners and a lot of exposure for SeeYouDoc. Moreover, I was able to connect with my family and friends who are already living and working in Singapore. But most importantly, I was able to gain new friends within the UnionBank GlobalLinker community. Until now, we still keep in touch through GlobalLinker and our Viber group,” he wrote.

He was also grateful to UnionBank for the opportunity to attend the events.

“I'm very thankful to UnionBank for sponsoring our trip and for investing in the GlobalLinker community. I asked one of the UnionBank organizers why UnionBank is willing to spend so much money for such a trip. His reply to me was simple: ‘UnionBank dares to walk the talk,’” Noel wrote.

Organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the central bank of the city-state, the Singapore Fintech Festival attracted a record 45,000 delegates from nearly 130 countries. It was the biggest gathering of the Global Fintech Community ever, with topics focused on the ASEAN market, financial inclusion, artificial intelligence (AI) in Fintech, and more.

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