Getting Married in Marikina? Here’s What You Need To Know

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It is important for Mayor Marcy Teodoro to prioritize the welfare and provide ease to Marikeños whenever they are making government transactions in the City Hall. For one, it is getting a marriage license at the Local Civil Registry office.

Mass weddings in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines are not exclusive for underprivileged couples. It is open to any couple who preferred a civil mass wedding, however securing the schedule is on a first-come, first-served basis.

A civil wedding doesn’t require a religious affiliation, yet it is bound and duly recognized by the State, meaning civilly married couples can avail of the legal benefits of marriage such as tax benefits, medical care, and the like. It is a legitimate option for those seeking convenience and cost-effective public declaration of commitment and love for one another.

Civil weddings are officiated by the authorized persons indicated under Article 7 of the Family Code of the Philippines.  

In Marikina, Mayor Marcy solemnizes mass wedding ceremonies for five couples every first and last Tuesday of the month. The City Hall staff organize these ceremonies at the Bulwagang Bayani of Kapitan Moy in Sta. Elena, Marikina.

Before tying the knot and getting head over heels with your partner, couples must ensure that they apply for a marriage license first.

The Local Civil Registry of Marikina listed these requirements:

  1. Personal appearance of applying parties;

  2. Either one of the applicants must be a resident of Marikina;

  3. Both applicants must be of legal age (18 years old and/or above);

  4. If the applicant is 18-25 years of age, parents of the applicant should accompany the applicant to sign a Parental Consent/Advice. Parents should bring a valid ID or Community Tax Certificate.

  5. Applicants must bring the following:

5.1. Photocopy of the recent year Community Tax Certificate

5.2. Photocopy of either Birth or Baptismal Certificate or Voter’s Affidavit

5.3. Identification card (ID) with picture and signature; If there is no ID available, bring one (1) 2x2 colored photo of the applicants;

5.4. Secure a PSA copy of Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR)

5.5. If one of the applying parties is a foreigner:

5.5.1. Secure legal capacity to marry (from their embassy or Consular

Office based in the Philippines)

5.5.2. Passport of the foreigner

5.5.3. If divorced, bring the divorced papers of the foreigner

  1. All applying parties are required to attend the Marriage Counseling and Family Planning Seminar at the Marikina City Health Office.

  2. Marriage license will be released (11th day) based on the date indicated on the claim stub (bring the claim stub and Family Planning Certificate when claiming your marriage license)

  3. Fees to be paid:

P150 - Marriage License Application Form

P300 - Marriage License

P100 - Parental

For Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Personnel

  • Certification of singleness from Commanding Officer

For couples living together for more than five (5) years

  • According to Article 34 in the Family Code of the Philippines, a marriage license is no longer required.

It is important to know that a marriage license in the Philippines is valid for 120 days from the date it is issued, so couples should make sure that they don’t apply too far ahead of their wedding date.

Mayor Marcy fully supports a memorable exchange of “I Dos” and ceremonial union of love. That is why he makes applying for a marriage license quick and easy. Meanwhile, offers a free civil mass wedding in Marikina which includes the venue, bridal bouquet, photo coverage stored in a compact disk (CD), and delivery to the newlywed’s doorstep.

For more inquiries, you may drop by at the Local Civil Registry of Marikina located on the ground floor of the City Hall or call at 8646-0307.

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