Industriya Marikina Showcases City's Glorious Shoe Industry

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The family of Dr. Alfredo Cheng used to own a shoe factory in Marikina under the American Golden Shoes brand. During its peak in the 70’s, American Golden Shoes used to export shoes to the United States and Europe, and one of the top department stores in the US, Bloomingdale’s, was the shoemaker’s top buyer of Marikina’s pride of a product.

When the glory days of Marikina’s shoe industry started to fade several years ago, Alfredo and his siblings decided to convert the old factory into a restaurant and aptly named it Industriya Marikina. Old machines used to make shoes, furniture from the factory, glass shelves for displaying shoes all became part of the restaurant’s décor.

The result is a museum-like feel of a restaurant that’s airy and spacious, it could accommodate more than 500 persons.

Industriya serves Western, Filipino and Japanese cuisines such as pasta, burgers, sandwiches, kare-kare, crispy pata, lengua estofado,  binagoongan, bagnet, butterfly tilapia, pakbet bagnet, maki, sushi, salads, among others. It serves dirty ice cream straight from the old-style ice cream cart, as well as popcorns. Beers and wines are available too, red, wine and the sweet desert wine, Moscato, which is available at P900 per bottle and is served chilled.

Aside from the restaurant, it has function rooms to accommodate special occasions such as weddings, baptism and birthdays. It is also a favorite venue for seminars and conferences.

“Our original plan was to put up an event’s place, where we can display the factory’s old machines, equipment and furniture,” says Alfredo, who was raised and grew up in house next to the old factory, the exact location where the restaurant is now standing. “But we decided on a restaurant since it would be difficult to attract customers if we only have an event’s place.”

The restaurant was born in November 2014, just in time to catch the wave of Marikina’s rising food scene that has lured aficionados from as far as Cebu and has seen the rise of new restaurants, coffee shops, food parks and bars.

Budget-friendly Menu

Dining at Industriya is as easy on the pocket as its atmosphere is pleasing on the senses. It serves rice meals such as soy garlic, pork chop, sweet and sour pork for P198. Filipino fares such as kare-kare – all good for sharing by two to three persons—costs P398. For fancier items on the menu such as the tender loin steaks, the price could go to as much as P498, still a steal given the classy surrounding.

Even if Industriya has not spent a single cent on advertising since it opened three years ago, the restaurant has attracted a number of customers even from as far as Cebu, Batangas, Makati, Quezon City. In fact, 75 percent of its clients are from outside of Marikina and the rest from the city itself.

“Customers learned about us from our Facebook page, as well as by word of mouth. Usually, those who have been here and tasted our food would tell their family and friends about us,” says Leonor Bautista, the manager of the restaurant.

“The unique concept of a restaurant in a museum is what draws the crowd here,” Leonor says, adding that the place gets crowded on payday Fridays and weekends.

For those who want a garden setting, Industriya has outdoor tables, surrounded by plants and decorated as well by old machines used in the factory.

Aside from old machines, furniture, Industriya also prominently displays a number of wooden shoe lasts. Some of them hang like chandeliers, others used as door handles.

The main dining area, a two-storey building made mostly of wood with glass walls that used to be the shelves for displaying shoes, was the tannery for animal skins, mostly from snakes and frogs. The other structure, called the events place, used to be the main factory.

Now, isn’t it grand to dine and wine in a place surrounded by memories?

Industriya Marikina

23 M.A. Roxas Street, Marikina City

(02) 904 8372

11:00 am to 10 pm daily

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