Jane, Living a Soap Opera Life, Dreams of Becoming an Actress

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Jane Eduarte will be an effective dramatic actress someday. She doesn’t have to look far for motivation when doing dramatic scenes because her life is almost like a soap opera.

When she was in Grade 6, her father passed away, living her mother to take care of four very young children. Her mother, who sells vegetables in the market, remarried and has two more children with her second husband. Her stepfather helps her mother tend the vegetable stall, she says.

Jane, the second of the four children from her mother’s first husband, says her older brother was not able to enroll in college because of the tough life. He now works as a waiter and is able to help augment the family income, she adds.

That is why she is very grateful that Mayor Marcy Teodoro has implemented a free college education program in PLMar.

“It is such a big help,” she says, and adds that her family saves around P6,000 per semester from her tuition and other school fees.

A Bundle of Sunshine

Surprisingly, she has no bitterness in her as she talks about her early life. In fact, she is a bundle of sunshine during the interview for this article as she shares her dream of becoming an actress (or an executive producer if it does not pan out), working in stage plays and student films and describing her favorite role to date.

What is even better is that she is not only good looking and talented, she also has the brains and the gumption to fulfill her ambitions.

This third year Communication Arts student is running for cum laude when she graduates next year. In the meantime, she works hard to keep her 1.37 general weighted average grade while juggling her passion for film and the theatre.

“Acting is my passion that is why I took up Communication Arts,” she says. “I want to be an actress and at the same time I enjoy working behind the scenes as part of the production. I like writing scripts and directing.”

She has played various roles including as a rape victim, she says, and as Maria Clara and Dona Victorina delos Reyes de Espadana, two major characters in the stage version of Jose Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere. Her favorite role is playing Dona Victorina, the snooty wanna-be Spanish matriarch who has a disdain for the Filipino natives.

To hone her skills, she works as a freelance actress, performing in front of the camera for film students. She also likes watching movies, especially independent films, and admires those helmed by Brillante Mendoza such as the critically acclaimed “Ma Rosa” where lead actress Jaclyn Jose (her favorite) won Best Actress at Cannes in 2016 for her role as a drug dealer in a slum area. Jaclyn (whose real name is Mary Jane) is the first Filipino to ever win the award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Jane, who is probably aware that she shares the same name as her favorite actress, also loves movies directed by Mike De Leon, especially “Kisapmata,” which deals with incest. She says she loves the story because it shows that not all families who seem to lead perfect lives as gleamed from the outside are indeed happy.

“It’s an eye-opener,” she says about the Mike De Leon classic that stars the young Charo Santos as a victim of incest by her own father played by Vic Silayan. “Not all family is happy.”

Jane says her whole family is supportive of her dream. Given her guts, gumption, talent, determination and experiences in life, it won’t be farfetched to predict that she will realize her dream of becoming an actress in films. Who knows, she might even bring home awards from film fests abroad.

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