Marikina City Library Champions Love for Books Among the Screen Gen

PIO Department


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The City Government of Marikina, through the City Library, is championing the love for books especially among the young generation, aptly called screen gen, who are obsessed with their mobile phones and laptops in the age of social media.

Located at the second floor of the OSCA Building on V. Gomez St. corner Shoe Ave. in Brgy. San Roque right next to the Teatro Marikina, the library has 8,000 books, computers, magazines and newspapers that’s available for Marikeños and non-Marikeños of all ages as long as they have a library card.

The bulk of its book collection is classified as recreational reading (novels, pocket books, children’s books) totaling 3,302 books; meanwhile, the Filipiniana collection numbered at 1,751, the reference books at 1,430, general collections at 1,030; and, finally, law and governance at 487. Most of these books (along with DVDs and CDs) were donations from individuals and institutions.

The library has a special section about the history of Marikina, housing books, old community newspapers, magazines and other reference materials. This section, which was built based on Mayor Marcy Teodoro’s proposal, has 5,846 copies of local publications and 737 photographs. Its photo collection includes an old photograph of a teen-aged Mayor Marcy and another one when he first ran as a councilor of Marikina.

After winning the elections in May 2016, Mayor Marcy met with the librarians and kindly requested for a special section that would contain materials about Marikina's colorful history so that the young generation would be familiar about the city's past, the events that shaped it and the people who helped built it.

The library allows Marikina residents to bring home a total of five pocket books that they can read at the comfort of their bedrooms or living rooms as long as they have a library card. Among its collection of pocket books include classics (Jane Austin, Charles Dickens), romance novels (Nicholas Sparks), thrillers, mysteries, fantasy and bestsellers such as the Harry Potter series, Twilight saga, Lord of the Rings, Narnia and a lot more.

The library also has CDs and DVDs, VHS tapes, photographs. Its digital collection includes documents (12,762 pieces), photographs (1,143 copies) and videos (47 copies).

Popular among students, who comprise 97 percent of its 100-150 average visitors a month, the library is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. The library is fully air-conditioned and has ample lights -- coming from electric fluorescent bulbs and natural light, as the glass walls are not covered with curtains.

Getting a library card is easy and free. One only needs to bring 1x1 photo and a valid ID. Processing of the library card takes only a few minutes.

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