Marikina Conducts Citywide Blood Donation Drive

PIO Department


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The month of July has been declared as the “Blood Donor’s Month” as per Proclamation No. 1021 signed on June 9, 1997, where blood donors are being acknowledged for their noble efforts of saving lives through voluntarily giving blood.

And so this year, Marikina City Health Office in partnership with the Philippine Blood Center (PBC) celebrated the Blood Donor’s Month with a theme, “Safe Blood for All” which aims to intensify its advocacy on voluntary blood donation to provide and allocate safe blood supply, sustaining its adequacy and ensuring accessibility. 

“We are after the quality of the blood. We want to make sure that the recipients will receive safe blood,” said Flora Belle Divina, donor recruitment officer of PBC, in a short interview on Sunday, July 28 at the Marikina Convention Center.

The PBC recorded that out of the 206 volunteers screened on that day, they were able to collect 189 blood bags upon which six are collected for plateletpheresis. 

More than collecting as many blood bags as possible to meet the high demand for blood and sustain at least one percent of the total population in a city, but also to let everyone know that blood is not being manufactured like medicine.

“Blood donation is something that most people are still not actively aware of. Compared to other programs like HIV/AIDS, blood donation is the only program that people are the one providing. Without our volunteer donors supplying blood, the program will die,” said Flora Divina.

Flora sees that the only way to keep the program going and sustain the needs for blood is to encourage more people to voluntarily and actively donate blood.

“We are doing this for those who don’t have the capability to look for blood donors. Our volunteers are the unsung heroes extending the lives of patients in the hospital whose only hope is blood transfusion,” she added.

Mafy Dimasanka, 24 years old, from Brgy. Concepcion Dos was a first-time blood donor. She has been following Marikina News -- a Facebook page about all things Marikina wherein she saw a lot of Marikeños asking for blood donations. She wanted to extend help and save lives aside from ticking the experience off of her bucket list.

Meanwhile, it was the second time for Anthony Tagum, 27 years old, from Brgy. Malanday. He is looking forward to regularly donating blood to help others as he feels like a hero by doing so.

“Volunteers continue to donate blood because they feel heroic. They knew that their blood donation will go along way,” said Flora Divina when asked why people keep on donating blood.

The local and national government remain in partnership with media organizations to promote regular blood donation drives in different cities and provinces and conduct health education and advocacy programs in schools to raise awareness to the youth as well.

The number of donated blood is increasing yearly because more people are becoming aware due to media promotions and clear programs that were set out by the government.

Blood donation drives will continue across the country as the government sees more volunteers are willing to commit and respond to donate blood due to its high demand. 

“We need more advocates to promote this program because hindi rin aandar ang programa kung walang manghihikayat. We encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle for them to be qualified to donate blood in the future,” said Flora Divina when asked about those who cannot donate blood at the moment but were also willing to help.

Advocates are as important as volunteer blood donors because they publicly provide moral support to donors and patients alike. 

A halloween-themed blood donation drive in Marikina is scheduled to be set out on October 26 this year.

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