Marikina First Philippine City Under Better Air Quality Program

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Marikina, known for its clean air and pristine environment, has been chosen to be the first city in the Philippines under an integrated program that promotes better air quality in Asia.

Because of this, Marikina became the first in the country to receive an electric vehicle that would monitor the air quality in the city. The technology used to monitor the air quality inside the electric vehicle has been approved by the United States.

Other countries like the United Kingdom also use electric vehicles to monitor the level of pollution in their cities.

The electric car will roam around Marikina City to determine which areas need to improve its air quality and reduce pollution that put people's health at risk.

Data that would be gathered from the mobile air quality-monitoring vehicle will be used by the City Environment and Management Office (CEMO) of Marikina to implement measures to improve the air quality in communities that would be found to have a high degree of air pollution.

The program is spearheaded by the Clean Air Asia, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Integrated Programmed for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ), Mitsubishin Motors, First Philippine Holdings, Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology. IBAQ is a joint program of Clean Air Asia and the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

The mobile air quality monitoring electric vehicle was turned over to the Marikina City Government on Friday, October 26, through a simple ceremony held at the Freedom Park.

According to the World Health Organization, more than six million deaths every year are linked to both indoor and outdoor pollution that caused non-communicable diseases including chronic respiratory and heart diseases, stroke and lung cancer. In the Philippines, around one in four deaths are attributed to air pollution.

The Philippines had the third highest number of deaths in the world caused by diseases associated with air pollution, according to a Rappler article published on July 25, 2018 (please see link below).

For the latest news about the hazardous effects of air pollution, please check out this Rappler article --

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