Marikina Joins in Project Promoting Pasig as a Space for Culture and the Arts

PIO Department


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Marikina City will join the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in a project that will promote the Pasig River as a “space for cultural identity and collective memory.”

Through the program, developed by PETA for the NCCA, the theatre organization will be “harnessing the richness of the river and the communities that surround it, in the belief that these stories reflect traditions, history, culture, ways of life, livelihood, memories and identities,” according to a project brief.

The project -- dubbed as "Taga-Alog 2018, Ilog Pasig: Balik Tanaw, Balik Sigla! -- will utilize various mediums of art – music, visual arts, film, photography, literature, dance and theatre -- in telling these stories that would be channeled using traditional and digital media.

In a meeting between the Marikina City Tourism, Culture and the Arts Office and PETA, it was discussed that a songwriting workshop will be held in Marikina in July where 60 participants will be in attendance, some of whom will come from the city and others from other places involved in the project and where Pasig River traverses such as San Juan, Manila, Mandaluyong, Makati and Pasig.

The project though won’t be limited to the six communities near Pasig River as it wants to “encourage everyone to go and see the value of preserving our collective memories and identities as Filipinos, and become themselves ambassadors who will continue sharing the stories,” according to the project brief.

Aside from songwriting, other workshops being planned would be in theatre arts to be facilitated by PETA, dance/movement, creative writing, visual arts, basic film and the appreciation of the architectural heritage sites of the cities along the Pasig River.

There would also be arts competitions including songwriting, literary, short film, theatre, among others, as well as cultural fairs, performances and exhibits.

The Marikina River is a tributary of the Pasig River that traverses other cities in Metro Manila such as San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasig and Manila. Pasig River played an important role in the development of Metro Manila as well as neighboring areas in Luzon as it served as a major route during the pre- and Spanish era for transporting goods, people and in the process, culture, traditions and heritage.

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