Mayor Marcy Builds Multi-Purpose Gyms in IVC and Malanday

PIO Department


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The City Government of Marikina under the leadership of Mayor Marcy Teodoro is building two multi-purpose gymnasiums in Industrial Valley Complex (IVC) and Malanday to encourage citizens to engage more in sports.

The gym in Brgy. IVC will be built on FVR Road, Olandes, while the one in Brgy. Malanday will be located at Bernardo Circle, Parkland.

Mayor Marcy administration aims to encourage Marikenos, especially the youth, to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Building the gym will also give local residents in the area a venue for recreation and for holding meetings and other community events.

The proposed gym in Olandes will replace the one that was demolished to give way to the construction of the IVC National High School.

The Marikina Sports Center, which was built in the 1970’s, is also undergoing improvement works, another proof that the City Government supports sports.


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