Mayor Marcy Visits Marikina Cemeteries, Flower Shops at Freedom Park

PIO Department


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Mayor Marcy Teodoro earlier today, Thursday, visited the cemeteries in Marikina City to make sure that everything is in order and ready for the expected influx of people visiting their departed loved ones as they celebrate the All Saints’ Day or "Undas" in Filipino.

Together with some officials of the City Government of Marikina, Eastern Police District Director Bernabe Balba and the Oplan Kaluluwa Task Force, Mayor Marcy inspected the Aglipay Cemetery, Barangka Municipal Cemetery, Holy Child Cemetery, Loyola Memorial Park and Our Lady of the Abandoned Cemetery.

Mayor Marcy also dropped by at the ongoing Flower Festival at the Freedom Park where there are stalls selling flowers and candles. The stalls at the festival, which commenced Tuesday, are open 24 hours a day to serve Marikenos and those from nearby cities who would need flowers and candles when they visit the graves of their dead relatives and friends.

City Hall has been busy preparing for Undas a month before November 1.

City Hall employees coordinated with other local officials including the Marikina police to ensure the safety and comfort of those that would visit the cemeteries. They cleared and cleaned the cemeteries, drafted and announced a traffic rerouting plan in areas near cemeteries, painted walls and graves, pruned trees, fixed the flower shops, among other tasks.

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