Salsicia Gourmet, Serving Sumptuous, Nitrate-Free Sausages and a Lot More

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Who doesn’t love sausages? Especially when paired with fried rice, eggs (sunny side up or scrambled) or with freshly-baked, Filipino favorite pandesal during breakfast.

In Marikina City, there is a restaurant that serves gourmet sausages inspired by the different varieties from other countries that are sumptuous and yet minus the dreaded preservatives. Known as Salsicia (Italian word for sausage, minus one “c”) Gourmet, the restaurant also serves Filipino dishes such as “dinuguan” and “bulalo” with sausages and a lot more.

“We serve mostly comfort food. We have a lot of sausages. But our sausages are healthy because they are nitrate-free,” said Luisa Chua.

“Nitrate-free. Ang ibig sabihin walang preservatives. Kapag sinabi kasing sausages, hindi healthy dahil maraming preservatives. So we make sure that what we serve here are healthy dahil walang nitrate na ginagamit as preservative,” said Rochelle Garcia.

Luisa and Rochelle are two of the four owners of Salsicia Gourmet that specializes in different kinds of sausages – beef frankfurter, chicken frankfurter, garlic sausage, Hungarian sausage, andouille sausage, kielbasa sausage, schublig sausage, summer sausage and Swedish – all prepared by their own chefs.

Nine Sausage Variants

“We have nine variants of sausages. Our concept is to let our customers try different kinds of sausages from different countries here,” said Luisa.

The restaurant offers a sausage platter that lets customers try six of the nine variants at a time. Served fresh off the grill, the platter is perfect for sharing.

“We choose to serve only six variants in the platter so that our customers will not be overwhelmed,” added Rochelle.

But if customers want to try all nine variants, then by all means, they can order all of them.

Opened only in November 2016, Salsicia is already popular not only among Marikenos but also from residents of nearby cities such as Quezon City, Antipolo and Rizal. These customers are not only attracted by the variety of healthy sausages, but also other dishes that are just as tasty as the prime offerings of the restaurant.

What makes Salsicia a cut above the rest aside from its airy, roomy, and homey atmosphere is that it serves Filipino favorite dishes such as “dinuguan” and “bulalo” with a twist, adding some sausages in them.

“We serve other dishes and some of them also have sausages. Some have bacon. For appetizer, we have dynamite that has Hungarian sausage. Bulalo has Hungarian sausage as well. We also added “kikiam” (another sausuage variety) on our pancit canton,” said Rochelle, lifting the pages of the restaurant’s menu.

Luisa and Rochelle, classmates in college and both graduates of business management, were interviewed inside the restaurant on J.P. Rizal St. in Brgy. Concepcion Uno.

The restaurant was conceptualized as an outlet for the food products Majestic Monarch, owned by the family of Luisa, that manufactures and sells sausages, cold cuts, hams under the Seven Kids brand. The manufacturing firm was established in Marikina in 1992, predating the restaurant by more than two decades.

“The idea behind the restaurant is to showcase the products of our sister company, Majestic Monarch. It’s a way of marketing their products,” said Luisa.

But as the idea progresses, it has become more than just a showcase for sausages and cold cuts. It has become a popular dining place for families who enjoy not only the sausages but also its other offerings such as fish chips and fries, onion rings, potato fries, chicken wings, chicken tenders, cheesy quesadillas, nachos. And that’s just for appetizer.

Salsicia also serves salads for those who can’t do away with their greens. For the main course, customers are spoiled for choice as it serves Filipino favorites dinuguan, beef salpicao, beef caldereta, roast beef, roasted chicken leg, chicken star (breaded chicken filet), chicken pot pie, pan-fried salmon and a lot more.

It also serves “silogs” namely bacon silog, corned beef silog, pork tapa silog, pork tocino silog, sausage silog, as well as sandwiches, pasta and noodles, soups, desserts and beverages such as coffee to keep customers from falling asleep after digesting all that food.


Eating at Salsicia Gourmet, despite its intimidating name, is easy on the budget. The silogs are priced at P100 to 145, while most dishes are priced at less than P200. It also has special packages for groups of diners that are very budget-friendly.

And if customers fall in love with its sausages, they can order them and bring them home at P135 per pack.

Salsicia is also available as venue for celebrating special occasions such as baptism and birthday, and for corporate events. For a minimum of P6,000, which is consumable, customers can have the place for themselves for two hours and if they exceed that, they just have to shell out an extra P500 for thirty minutes. The restaurant can sit up to 50 guests.

"Our market ranges from A, B and C. Our prices are very friendly. We also have budget meals. Even holding special events here is affordable because we want to give people a way to celebrate special occasions without spending a lot," said Luisa.

For more about Salsicia, please check out its Facebook page --


Salsicia Gourmet

653 J.P. Rizal St., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City

(02) 985-7470; (0920) 513-5596

Open Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

It has an open mic that allows diners to sing their hearts out.

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