Team Marcy leads 2019 Local Elections

PIO Department


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Marcy Teodoro, who ran unopposed in this year’s mayoralty race assured another term as Marikina City mayor.

It was the first time in the history of local elections in Marikina that no one competes against a mayoral position. Teodoro who is the incumbent mayor of Marikina proved that within his 32 months leading the local administration has proved that he didn’t stop until he is able to accomplish the platforms he set forth during the previous election.

“Mas lalo tayong magsusumikap na makatulong sa ating kababayan at patuloy na maisaayos ang Marikina,” said Mayor Marcy in a post shared by the Marikina Public Information Office (PIO).

Officials in the City recognized his political will and efforts to lead Marikina in the right direction. They have settled that Mayor Marcy will continue his outstanding public service to all Marikeños.

The same has transpired against Bayani Fernando who also did not have an opponent in the first district representative position. Although Doc Fabian Cadiz was in the ballots, he announced through Facebook posted on March 1 that he conceded.

Meanwhile, Doc Marion Andres leads official canvassing of votes in the vice mayoralty race against Eva Aguirre and Vic Tambuli Sabiniano with a total of 105,242 votes canvassed on  Wednesday, May 15, by the Marikina City Board of Canvassers.

10 members of the Team Marcy slate have held positions as city councilors.

Boy Bolok  Santos, Kate De Guzman, Bojie Bernardino, Manny Tarangka Sarmiento and Cloyd Casimiro secured their spot as the City’s first district councilors.

Meanwhile, Donn Favis led the line up for second district councilors. He was joined by Paul Dayao, Coach Elvis Tolentino, Angel Nuñez and Ruben Bogs Reyes.

The new and re-elected City officials were formally proclaimed on May 14 and 15 at the Marikina New Legislative and City Hall Building.

The Local Government of Marikina under the administration of Mayor Marcy will continue to seek opportunities to meet the needs of its constituents and keep Marikina City in order and peaceful.

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