The Street is Mayor Marcy’s Office

PIO Department


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Mayor Marcy Teodoro makes the city's streets his office, literally.

Mayor Marcy is truly a man for the common people. He does not choose the time and place to consult with his constituents, learn about their problems and offer solutions.

“Sa lansangan tayo mag-oopisina,” is Mayor Marcys’ oft-repeated remark to the staff and employees of the City Hall. (We will hold our office in the streets.)

Even during busy days at the City Hall, Mayor Marcy is relentless in his drive to serve the people and he finds time to talk with Marikenos even in the streets so he will personally know about their situations in life and if there are any issues that need his immediate attention.

Marikenos, on the other hand, appreciate Mayor Marcy’s drive to bring the City Hall closer to the people and in his efforts to hear their plights even outside of his office.

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