Winning Answers From the Five Miss Marikina Queens

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Joining a beauty pageant is not a walk in the park. Or in this case, a walk in the runway. It’s hard work. Behind the glamour and glitz is the mounting pressure of being in the public eye. Everyone has an opinion about you.

You are not just judged by your beauty and body, your attitude, your social awareness, how you walk, how you behave in public, but also on how  you carry conversations and answer tough questions during the Q&A portion of the pageant.

But the five winners of the Miss Marikina 2018 beauty pageant simply nailed the answers to the hard questions from the judges during Saturday night’s coronation event. They simply exude elegance and confidence despite the tough situation of coming up with the best answer in such a limited time that would please both the judges and the audience.

Here are the questions and the winning answers given by the gorgeous top five candidates, who had to go through this rigorous portion before they clinched their respective titles:

Candidate number 4, Maria Angelica Reyes from Brgy. Concepcion Uno.

Question – In what way can you help promote Marikina-made shoes and leather products?

Angel – The very important way of promoting our shoe industry is of course (through) our social media. I would like to create awareness to other people and especially to all of our Marikenyos that we should be proud of our shoe industry because that is how we are known for as marikenyos. We are creative, we are able to create products that can reach worldwide or nationwide. So I would like to encourage all of you – let us all be proud of our shoe industry and let us all do the hashtag “I love Marikina!” and hashtag “Experience Marikina!”

Candidate number 12, Almas Choudhry of Brgy. Jesus dela Peña

Question – What is your advice to the young generation in keeping the culture and values of Marikina?

Almas – Thank you for that question. I would advice young children to say “po” and “opo.” We should keep that. And also by being a Marikenya we should not forget the values that we have learned in where we have lived in. We should tell them that everything is important, everything that we have here in Marikina is we should be proud of. That’s all. Thank you.

Candidate number 3, Aubrey Angelic Neis of Brgy. Nangka

Question – How are you impacted or how are you affected by the pre-pageant activities that you participated in; namely – visit to the home for the aged, tree planting and bloodletting.

Aubrey – As a Miss Marikina candidate, I was impacted in a way that I already know now the importance of the things that I once did not care about. I realized that that there are things that we should be aware of. And also we should appreciate the presence of our economy and also our environment. We should all be proud of Marikina and how the government runs this city because we are now one of the leading cities in our country. And I think it should be one of the things that we should be proud of. Thank you.

Candidate number 1, Lois Anne Badando from Brgy. Concepcion Uno

Question – What do you think are the most revered values of the Marikenyo?

Lois Anne – I think the most revered value of a true Marikenyo is being clean about themselves. Being clean about the environment, because I am a Marikenyo myself and my advocacy is to promote CLEAGO, making Marikina City a clean environment. Because one small step to promoting your advocacy will create an effective change in Marikina City. And also being a resilient and humble Marikenyo.

Candidate number 30, Sharielle Yanson of Brgy. Marikina Heights

Question – What do you think is Marikina’s most important tourism attraction that our city should continue to enhance and promote?

Sharielle – Thank you for that wonderful question. As a Marikenya, I believe that the tourist attraction that we have to promote is the Marikina River. And in that, I believe that we should continue the cleanliness program and of course (maintain) the sanitation of the river because the people of Marikina will also contribute to the cleanliness and the efforts of the community to be united as one.

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