1811 Billiards & Lounge
39 Lilac St., Marikina City

 In the mood to play billiards while eating your favorite food and/or having a drink with friends? Then head off to Lilac Street, the so-called foodie destination in Marikina, and check out 1811 Billiards & Lounge.


Owned by Art Arrojado, an architect and owner of a construction company, the sport and bar has three billiards tables, is fully air-conditioned and plays pop songs.


1811, named after its zip code, opened only in July 2017 but it has already gained a following not only among Marikinos but also other billiards lovers from Quezon City, Pasig and Antipolo, says Art, an architect and whose main bread and butter is his construction company.


Among its sought after dishes are its rice toppings (beef tapa with egg, fried chicken with rice, pork steak with rice), chicken popcorn, super nachos, flavored French fries, tokwa’t baboy, pizza, buffalo wings, crispy pata and a lot more. Aside from the crispy pata priced at P495, most of its dishes are available for P235 or less. Rice toppings are priced at P120 to P165, which is quite cheap given its relaxing ambiance.


For drinks, 1811 has its own signature cocktails named after billiard terminologies such as Corner Pocket, Eight Ball and Bank Shop, its own concocted flavored beers (caramel and butterscotch), in addition to fruit shakes, soft drinks, juices, and the ubiquitous San Miguel Lights, Pale and flavored beers (P55 a bottle or P320 a bucket).


For those playing billiards, the fee is P150 per hour.


1811 Billiards & Lounge

39 Lilac St., Marikina City

0915 899 2542

For more about 1811, please check out its facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/1811mnl/

For Reservation/Inquiry. contact the MCTAO (Marikina City Tourism, Culture, and The Artist Office)

646 - 2360