Café Kapitan
323 J. P. Rizal St, Sta Elena, Marikina City

Dining at Cafe Kapitan is like being transported into the past, specifically during the Spanish era.

This is not surprising since the restaurant, opened in February 1995, was housed inside a building that traced its etymology to the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. It was built around 1887 as the house of Don Laureano “Kapitan Moy” Guevara, the father of Marikina’s shoe industry.

Café Kapitan serves traditional Spanish and Filipino dishes such as paella valenciana, crab omelet, crispy chicken, pancit canton, chicken in garlic sauce, dishes that are also the bestsellers. A typical meal would cost around P250 to P300 including drinks.

Since the restaurant closes early at night, at around 6 in the evening, it is advisable to call in advance when booking for a dinner so that they can extend the closing time.

Cafe Kapitan

323 J.P. Rizal Street, Sta. Elena, Marikina

(02) 646 4303

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on weekends can be extended depending on the wish of the customers.

For Reservation/Inquiry. contact the MCTAO (Marikina City Tourism, Culture, and The Artist Office)

646 - 2360