Cityhood Park
Shoe Ave Marikina City

The Cityhood Park, located along Shoe Avenue in Barangay Sto. Nino, is a symbol of the Marikinos’ unfolding saga including the struggles and triumphs of their forebears, their newfound dynamism in transforming their community, and their resolve to create a stronger and brighter future. The park is highlighted by a 12-meter concrete monument featuring a gigantic, left handed clock and 12 windows from which hang a carillon or Italian bells that chime nationalistic music, as well as a giant fountain. Its best to view the park at night, when all the colorful lights are on, giving the fountain a magical charm.


Cityhood Park

Shoe Ave, Marikina,Metro Manila

For Reservation/Inquiry. contact the MCTAO (Marikina City Tourism, Culture, and The Artist Office)

646 - 2360