Secret Base
DQ Building, Lilac corner Panorama St., along Gen. E. San Diego St., Concepcion Dos Marikina City

If you love to eat sweets, play games, chill and bond with your loved ones, then Secret Base is the perfect place to hide-out. Here, you can feel the adrenaline of playing video games, be challenged competing in board games and even dress up like Super Mario just for the heck of it! Unlike other restaurants, Super Mario is a concept establishment designed around good times and good food.

For food, Secret Base has a lot to offer. The place has freak shakes that will blow your minds – cream or coffee based frappes in large sizes. It also serves burgers, pasta and combo meals named after your favorite video game characters. Try the Captain & Ironman for a super combination of Kratos Nachos, The Noob Burger, Waffle Maiden and 2 Freak Shakes.

Secret Base has some video games to play with on PS4 and X Box like Street Fighter, NBA, UFC, Tekken, Modern Warfare and many others. The crew is really nice and will even explain the mechanics of how to play the game you choose. – (Contributed by: Marika Y. Tomas)

Secret Base

DQ Building, Lilac St. cor Panorama,

Brgy. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Mon-Thurs, 11am-10pm; Fri-Sun, 11am-11pm

For Reservation/Inquiry. contact the MCTAO (Marikina City Tourism, Culture, and The Artist Office)

646 - 2360