The Chinese Pagoda
Riverside Drive Marikina City, Philippines

During the mid-1700s, the greater part of Marikina’s populace was Chinese Mestizo or Mestizo de Sangley. They came to Marikina upon the invitation of the Jesuits to help in establishing an hacienda, named after the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro de Labrador.


Among these Chinese Mestizos was the patriarch of the most illustrious clan in town, Don Antonio Tuazon, a wealthy Chinaman from Binondo in Manila. Don Antonio was believed to be Son-Tua (presumably the Sino-version of the Tuazon name meaning “eldest son”), whose wealth helped provide a battalion for the Spaniards during their war with the British forces who tried to wrest control of the Philippines from Spain. He bought properties in Marikina from the Jesuits and they became known as Hacienda de Mariquina. This Chinese heritage inspired the Marikina Chinese Chamber of Commerce to build the Chinese Pagoda along the Marikina Riverbank in honor of the Chinese roots of Marikeños.


Chinese Pagoda

Riverside Drive,Marikina City

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